We are five dutch bachelor students, named Esther, Mariska, Mika, Rosanna and Laura. Esther is a third year biomedical student, Mariska a third year pharmaceutical sciences student, Mika a second year politocology and economics student, Rosanna a third year psychology student and Laura a third year medicine student. Together, we followed an interdisciplinary course at the University of Amsterdam called ‘Wicked Challenges in Health’. For this course, we were asked to research an important and challenging problem that has to do with our health. The topic of medical misinformation immediately caught our interest. 

We wanted to create something that was actually useful: an end product that could contribute something or help people, even if it would only make a change for one person. Personally, we wanted to understand the psychology behind medical misinformation and analyze what makes certain misinformations, more than others, so successful or famous. That is how we got this idea: we wanted to create an educational platform that informs a broader public about medical information disorder and what makes this so attractive, but also provide tools to better recognize false medical information. We are proud that this website is the result. 

So welcome, please explore our website to learn more about medical information disorder and how to recognize it, and discover how well you can judge whether information is reliable with our quiz. We would love to hear what you think: feel free to ask us anything or just say hi and share your thoughts anytime! If you encounter good examples of medical information disorder, we would love to hear! 

To make sure our information is correct, we strive to update the information on our website regularly according to the latest scientific insights. If you discover any errors on our website: please contact us! Naturally, we do not want to be part of the problem and spread false information ourselves!



Meet the passionate team of interdisciplinary students behind this website



Third-year biomedical sciences student at the University of Amsterdam (UvA)

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Third-year pharmaceutical sciences student at the Free University (VU) in Amsterdam



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Second-year economics and political science student at the Free University (VU) Amsterdam

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Third-year Psychology student at the Free University (VU) Amsterdam



Third-year medicine student at the University of Amsterdam (UvA)



If you have any questions, encounter any errors on our website, have an example of a false medical information or want to share a scientific article: you can write your message below. You can also send us an article if you find it hard to tell if it is valid or not: we are very willing to help you. If you just want to say hi and share your thoughts: we would love to hear!

We would also really like to place articles and personal examples on the website under 'blogs and news' (anonymously), with your permission of course. Also, we will adjust errors on our website when they proof to be incorrect based on scientific research. Together we make the difference!

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Esther, Mika, Mariska, Laura and Rosanna

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